so, I too have been considering a purchase of one this year. I have never had one (with exception of NES when I was very young), and since I had become a computer enthusiast I have never even thought of getting one until this year.

I figured, why not look at this option of having a special purpose gaming device this time. Being way more knowledgeable about computers and gaming than ever before, I did my home work and researched the hell out of the current market offerings and..

alas, I fail to see why anyone would want to get a console unless they are:

* looking for a turn-key solution (which in itself I imagine is legitimate reason)
* are not willing to pay premium just to play (still vary valid reason)
* need silence in their room

but they also have to be happy

* with blurred visuals that lack details severely
* owning hardware that is going to be outdated in a matter of 1,5-2 years, while console release cycle is on average 4 years
* seeing their exclusive game titles being released after a while to PC platform too

If you're like me, you also may need to purchase a TV or at least fiddle with connectors and adapters to hook up your speakers and computer display.

That said I personally like what Sony offers better, but I absolutely cannot stand poor visuals. I know, it's about the gameplay, right. But it is so much better when the visuals are of top-notch quality.