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Thread: I hate being around drunk people.

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    I hate being around drunk people.

    Does anyone else hate being around drunk people? I like people who are intellectual and can actually function properly. Also I hate people throwing up, it's gross.
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    I don't hate my girlfriend when she's sick and needs to throw up.
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    **I'm posting here because I don't want to make another thread and this seemed like the most appropriate spot.**

    As much as I love my husband and friends, I too hate watching them make poor decisions regarding their health. I just got home at 3:38 am after a night out with the girls for my friend's bachelorette party. I am the Maid of Honor, so I couldn't get out of this ridiculous ritual, so I was, of course, the designated driver. The night was long, but everyone made it home safely and they seemed to have fun. I was bored and annoyed most of the night.

    Last night was the boys' bachelor party. I woke up to find my husband asleep in the closet. He was completely hung over, but I found it hard to be sympathetic because he made these choices with the full knowledge of what it could do to his body.

    Anyway, I'm exhausted and going to bed now. Hopefully Hubby will be home soon from Bachelor Party Pt.2 nonsense.

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    that sucks, i think it's copeable as long as you dont have to deal with their poor choices, taking care of drunk people suck
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