You gonna love this.

Start watching this video clip, it's in Russian, the translation is below. Note how Medvedev, on the left, is having a hard time suppressing his laughter.

"In the very beginning we came to an agreement with Dmitrij Anatolievich not to talk about bad... rather do it. That is why we came to Glukhov to demonstrate that we have most serious intentions that we are going to realize in our domestic and foreign policies."

If you don't get why this is so funny read on.

First off, Janukovich has come to presidency from the criminal world and this very fact dramatizes the words he uttered in Glukhov even more.

Then, it was a slip of the tongue, poor wording that left too much room for interpretation... since you can see Medvedev on the breach of bursting into laughing but said in all seriousness like that it leaves a shadow of a doubt as to what it really was - a slip of the tongue or bold, unconcealed statement.

I guess Glukhov we'll be able to tell us soon!