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Thread: Equal Money System

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    Quote Originally Posted by xCrucialDudex View Post
    What if money would not be required to get job done? What would be an agreement and/or requirement to engage in any work?
    That would probably start massive chaos as people would be at each other's throats over who should get the credit for the accomplished work...

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    Quote Originally Posted by xCrucialDudex View Post
    eh? what kind of reaction is that? having a bad day or what?
    and is that all you have to say after seeing this video? "mainstream of mainstream", "top tier of economists" are saying that money has very little to do with motivation and you comeback with just that?
    I'm self-employed, I graduated from art school, and I love to do things for the sake of it. To a point.

    For example I design and make clothing and accessories. I do simple T-shirts all the way up to super complicated corsetry. Over the past week I made a corset I'm really proud of. Developed a new pattern solving problems in fit and comfort with traditional versions and a few other things. It was a tough project, my hands are covered in cuts and blisters as a result, and both my wrists and thumbs are super painful today from all the physical parts that went into making the garment.

    Now if I could get paid the same amount selling and designing T-shirts as I could making corsets like this that require recovery time before attempting again, I'd only sell T-shirts. Sure I would still have made that corset because I want to wear it, but I wouldn't make it to sell to any one else but me. Hobby only.

    I do genuinely enjoy what I do, but if pay wasn't on a graduated scale, I sure wouldn't put myself through all that struggle if it wasn't going to improve my lot in life.

    I get a great satisfaction out of T-shirts too, so if I was going to come home with the same amount of money no matter what I did, I'd do the least amount of work and enjoy my free time.

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