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I USED to enjoy drinking when I was younger ..and I am sure most people will be surprised me of all people is deciding to take this path, because I was always considered the life of the party and all that jazz, but thats just it.. I don't want that label at all. And my body physically can't handle it.. like at all. A simple night out just does me in, and I would like to utilize my weekends not spend them recovering. I don't want to go to this wedding anyways lol.. so not drinking will allow me to leave earlier anyways.

I live in Ontario, Kitchener right now.. moving to Toronto in exactly a month!
I can totally relate to you there. I used to be exactly the same, always ''seshing'' partying constantly and going out to night clubs. did it for many years. I look through the hundreds of photos from my profiles etc and it all seemed to be the same thing, party here, night out there, nothing much else going on really. It got to the point where i was taking so long to recover, drinking and hangovers just wear you down and i used to spend the best part of two days trying to recover and its just not worth it. Id rather wake up feeling great and do something productive with my day.

You know things will get easier, i used to have the oppinion i couldnt go out with my friends and have as much ''fun'' because id be sober, and it was wierd at first, going to shows and going out to hang with friends when they were all wasted and i was sober, but eventually i found i had a better time. I can go out dancing and hanving a laugh without spilling drink all over myself and smoking loads. and on the plus side, i wake up ready to start my day instead of hiding in the dark recovering feeling like death :D