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Thread: remember when

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    remember when

    i used to suck?
    and i drew like this about 5 and 4 years ago

    well, now i still suck!
    but less!
    check it out!

    interesting enough, i joined here about five years ago... coincidence? I THINK NOT!
    I draw and this is my siteRodri-GO!
    Tell your friends!
    Get me a job!

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    haha, that rules!

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    you maybe used to suck, but not now.. you're very talented and love your style.. for real!
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    i got it, it's an april fool's joke and you still suck.
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    You want to latch on for sympathy
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    I don't think you ever sucked to be perfectly honest dude.
    I'm a person just like you
    but I like to fuck some shoes
    On the sofa or in my bed
    It's better than getting head
    Tie the laces on my schlong
    'cos of a nike air max it's standing strong
    I'll even hump it till i bleed
    normal sex life i don't need

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    The black and whites are superbe, love 'em. The second spider man is not so bad actually.. your stuff is great !!
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