I'm looking for HARDSTANCE & INSIDE OUT (CA) videos that I don't have
if anyone have something, please let me know yohann666@yahoo.fr

here is my list :

00-00-1990 Unknown Venue, CA, USA dvd 9mn

02-24-1990 Jim Daugherty's house, La Verne, CA USA dvd
06-15-1990 Anthrax, Norwalk, CT, USA dvd
06-19-1990 The Rat, Boston , MA, USA dvd
06-28-1990 Unisound Club, Reading, PA, USA dvd
07-01-1990 City Gardens, Trenton, NJ, USA dvd
06-01-1991 Toejam's, Long Beach, CA, USA dvd
08-xx-1993 Huntington Beach , CA 'Reunion Show'(cuts) dvd
08-xx-1993 Huntington Beach , CA 'Reunion Show' (2nd source & full set) dvd