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Thread: Am I the only core person who can't flip?

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    Question Am I the only core person who can't flip?

    I've noticed that almost all of my hardcore friends can flip except for me. Is it some kind of implied physical standard? Before I got into this whole hardcore thing, I knew I think ONE person that could flip. What could it be that leads so many peeps to possess this interesting and admittedly useless ability?

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    no you are not alone! I can't flip either, but to be honest I would love too it looks rather liberating to be able to do all those spins but yeah I haven't gotten around to it yet lol. I wouldn't call it completely purposeless though, it can be useful, but yeah I've managed to get by without it so far so what woud I know haha.

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    Awww man I tryed to flip once I fucked up my head real bad! I like landed face first thank god it was a floor wit a soft rug

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    MrMcKeigue, there is a large difference between Parkour and Hardcore. You need not flip in the pit to be a bad ass. If you wanna see flips me and you could just go over to Travis' house. He lives like 3 minutes from us. Jeez.

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