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Thread: Free Jimmy (Straight Edge featured in CGI movie)

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    Free Jimmy (Straight Edge featured in CGI movie)

    It's old actually (year 2006) but I've just finished watching it.

    Here's the IMDB profie for the movie in case you never heard about it before:

    A group of two straight edgers and three ALF activists get involved in freeing the junkie elephant Jimmie. A couple of cliche jokes referring to straight edge specifically were made in the movie (an explicit one about having casual sexual relationship and a subtly expressed either irony or sarcasm - it felt more like a sarcasm to me for some reason - about the group's beliefs and lifestyles) which was kinda something fresh and new to see in CGI animation.

    Has anyone seen it already?

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    i never heard of it but now i want to watch it:(

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