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    that is a question to ask for yourself


    sorry xD i just realized pokemon was like OMFG!! THE BEST!!! till Misty the overmuscular female who beat the crap out of ash and brock left >.> all humor and comedy died T-T Digimon was also good :3 upto 3rd season =/ the card thingie ruined it D:
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    i loved pokemon, i was like, 10 years i guess,
    it's amazing how fast time goes, that was 9 years ago !!!
    played the original blue and red games for gameboy :)
    darn, how i loved it :D

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    I was into pokemon for a long time, mostly when I was at my first school but even for a while at high school. I was into cards and the cartoon and I would play the game nowadays, but my gameboy needs charging and I don't have it anymore, I have nintendo though for other games.

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