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Thread: Last Anthem Records - Check it out!

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    Last Anthem Records - Check it out!

    Ain't gonna waste a whole lot of your time but check out some of our bands.

    Pushing On - for fans of No Justice, Carry On, & Desperate Measure - just release a S/T 7" AND a limited edition cassette of "Banned In VB".

    Punchout & Vengeance - will appeal to fans of Madball, Terror, & Icemen - release a 7" split.

    Coming soon:

    Waiting Mortuary "Heavens Descent Unto Ashes" on limited cassettes - catch these guys as they tour this New Year with Call The Paramedics

    Nothing Personal - will have in stock reissue 7" of this NRSV inspired Virginia band - members went on to form Iron Boots & Bracewar.

    Bloodquest "Urgent Care" on limited cassettes - for fans of early Bay-Area thrashers - beers, pizza, & solo's!!!

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    It's cool that you have your own record label thing. Do the bands use myspace or anything, or is it just on your website?

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