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Thread: Burning Fight: 90s Hardcore book release show officially announced

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    Burning Fight: 90s Hardcore book release show officially announced

    This is just a quick update on the show in Chicago. We will be updating all information once anything new is presented.

    Burning Fight/Nineties Hardcore book release show.
    www. myspace. com/90shardcore

    Advance tickets for this event will be available at 7:00 pm (CST) on
    Thursday, November 6th.
    Tickets will be available from the url
    http://www. indietickets. com/events/burningfight/ or place your order over
    the phone at (88 690-9875.

    http://www. indietickets. com/events/burningfight/

    Note: A strict 4 ticket per person restriction will be enforced for all pre-sale orders for this event. Additional orders will be cancelled and tickets will not be honored.

    Please order for this event only if you are sure that you will be able to attend. Tickets for this event are non-transferable and re-sale is strictly prohibited. Ticket-holders and their guests (if applicable) must arrive at the venue together on the first day of the event and the ticket-holder will be asked to present photo ID that matches the name on the order. No exceptions will be made on the day of the show and refunds will not be issued.

    Date-May 2nd and 3rd 2009
    Doors at 12pm Show at 1pm each day

    Venue-The Metro http://www. metrochicago. com/

    Price-$55 No single day tickets available

    Benefit for the following-
    Rock for Reading http://www. rockforreading. org/
    PAWS Chicago http://www. pawschicago. org/

    Damnation AD
    Split Lip
    Reach The Sky
    Have Heart
    Soul Control
    The Killer
    Harms Way
    Thought Crusade

    There will be a website coming in the next week with information on lodging, transportation, food and other general questions.

    Frequently asked questions that I do not want to be asked:

    No one is getting rich off this show so keep the comments of “insert band here” is only doing this for money to yourself. This is about a book my friend has written and other friends have agreed to play. This is a one-time deal so enjoy the moment because it will not happen again.

    All money after expenses will be directed toward the two benefactors we have chosen.

    No, Universal Order of Armageddon is not playing.

    I do not have the exact day set for each band and what time they are playing. A website will have all that information the week of the show.

    There will be no barrier at the club, but that does not mean you can be an idiot and wreck the place. Respect this club’s willingness to do the show whose history of bands on their stage have ranged from Bob Dylan to Slayer to Oasis to Metallica. The list is endless for punk and hardcore bands as well.

    Please do not buy a ticket if you do not plan on attending the show. We have decided to release the info well in advance of the show so people can prepare to attend. I have included a 4 ticket limit per house hold as well to insure no one is wasting our time in buying 9 tickets and only two of their friends actually attend.

    Please do not PM asking if your band could play or why I did not dig up some losers that put a 7 inch out in a paper bag back in 94.

    Thank you
    Jim and Brian

    i will be there.
    It is not God who kills the children. Not fate that butchers them or destiny that feeds them to the dogs. It’s us. Only us.

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    some bands really shouldn't get back together.

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    I think I might go to this.

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    I will be at this.

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