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    Quote Originally Posted by chadfitzy View Post
    i think the ones who want to eat will work, i mean there area alot of anarchist and others who understand it. yes i do see flaws, but there is no such thing as a flawless government

    Sorry, people will work for food? I'm not following this. We are getting into a trade scenario here where people are selling products or labour for food. This begins to immediately lean towards the essence of capitalism. And do you think that having a system that suggests; no need to work if you can take what you want as you see it, is going to inspire in humanity the desire to work? Theres no government that says they have to work and theres now law to say who owns what or what is right or wrong. So whilst some may have no choice but to work in order to survive there will be others taking full advantage of this and stealing or corrupting people to make things easier for them selves. After all this is essentially the crux and driving force of how human civilisation advances, within a structured government this can work better because we have set laws to say whats ok and what isn't. Sure from a working class point of view it can seem like you are being shat on at times but thats simply because the protection and structure our society does provide is completely taken for granted. Live in a society where anarchy reins and you would soon wish for that comfort again, i mean you say there is no such thing as a flawless government and i have never suggested there is. I mean humans are far from flawless so that goes without saying that a flawless government is not in existence but abolishing the government system, that to a rather large extent keeps things in order, is running very fast in the opposite direction of flawless. You really need to examine every aspect of what having a government does for us and come up with some really workable ideas of how you would address those things sans government, yeah things aren't perfect but abolishing them with no direction or structure is no soloution. From the outset anarchy is flawed and really undesirable in all reality, as well as that it will never have any longevity because we will always gravitate toward control, ownership and protection among other elements that governing and law provides.
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    Quote Originally Posted by xsecx View Post
    Anarchism is the politicization of anarchy, so I'm not sure why you think it's separate and distinct. . The distinction between communism, socialism and anarchism, is that in in an anarchist society there is no law and no authority. Communism is law and governing by a collective, but there is still a definite order confining it.
    Yes. The distinctions between the political philosophies are correct. The anarchist might say that without a law or an enforcement of that law there would be some type of some type of spontaneous social order determined by some "invisible hand" ( LOL the adam smith invisible hand theory can be applied to any unexplainable political or economic event), but not through polices, militaries, or churches. A law might be propagated thru social and cultural norms and not codified in a formal way like a constitution or something. The definition of anarchism is hard to pin down because there are so many different shades and degrees to the philosophy. That case of political philosphy ambiguity is the same even within american democratic or republican parties.

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    with me i dont really like having a goverment which kinda of hints towards anarchism for me i think that the government should not hold all power and tell people how to live but on the other hand without the government there would be total chaos which makes me believe we need a government idk i quess im in between
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