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Thread: LA CRISI - italian hardcore band - needs your help!

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    LA CRISI - italian hardcore band - needs your help!

    Hi everybody,
    here's mayo, singer of La Crisi, italian fast old school hardcore.
    We have a new record out that we recorded last march at Godcity Studio in Salem MA, with Kurt Ballou, and it's been released by HUP Records.
    you can check us out at:

    we are trying to come back touring the east coast like we did in 2005.
    we will be touring with another amazing italian band called Strength Approach ( ) - melodic/aggressive hardcore ala Kid Dynamite - on GSR records.

    I'm booking the tour right now and we are looking for shows.
    the period we'll be there is going to be late march/april 2009, the routing would be this:

    wed - march 25th: @ The Democracy Center - Cambridge (MA)
    thu - march 26th: @ The Landing Zone - Albany (NY)
    fri - march 27th: @ The Argyle - Buffalo (NY)
    sat - march 28th: Cleveland (OH) TBA
    sun - march 29th: @ The Roboto Project - Pittsburg (PA)
    mon - march 30th: off
    tue - march 31st: @ Dust - Charlottesville (VA)
    wed - april 1st: @ Charm City Art Space Baltimore (MD)
    thu - april 2nd: @ Championship - Lemoyne (PA)
    fri - april 3rd: Allentown or Philadelphia (PA) NEED HELP
    sat - april 4th: New York City (NY) NEED HELP
    sun - april 5th: New Jersey NEED HELP
    mon - april 6th: off
    tue - april 7th: Connecticut TBA
    wed - april 8th: Providence (RI) TBA

    so if anyone is able to hook us up for a gig in one of those areas/dates it would be great!
    can anyone help?

    we'll be touring alltogether in a van + trailer, we'll be 10 people in total, we'll bring our own backline.
    what we need, as usual, is to cover our travel expenses (van rental, gas, backline rental) that we hope to keep around 200$/250$ (gas is becoming really expensive there too, I can see!) food for veggies (we are almost all vegetarians) and possibly a floor where to crash for the night after the show.
    I can assure we'll deliver a kick ass show.

    if you cannot book us a show but you know who can do it, a link to this person would be appreciated
    anything goes!
    please let me know

    thanks in advance for any kind of help you can give us.

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    still need helkp for a few towns...if anyone can it would be great.

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