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Thread: Members Wanted For Hc Band!!

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    Members Wanted For Hc Band!!

    we're looking for band members(guitarist and drummer first) in London for project like the chariot, botch, converge, coalesce, norma jean but also
    with melodic stuff like as cities burn, misery signals and poison the well.
    good level required
    no bullshit

    if you're interested please contact us at these numbers
    07909640373 anto
    07780941072 salvo

    or e mail us at or
    and or

    wanna start a s a p

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    a metal band?
    I'm a person just like you
    but I like to fuck some shoes
    On the sofa or in my bed
    It's better than getting head
    Tie the laces on my schlong
    'cos of a nike air max it's standing strong
    I'll even hump it till i bleed
    normal sex life i don't need

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