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Thread: Is this not Straight Edge?

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    Is this not Straight Edge?

    Straight Edge is not a subculture.

    Straight Edge is only a label.

    It's a label to give people who think their subculture is more unique than any other. When in reality, other subcultures can clone the same subculture of those people who like to label themselves Straight Edge, the only difference in subculture is the sound you hear.

    Straight Edge is a label to give yourself so you never (NEVER EVER) get classified as a punk, or a metalhead.

    You guys must be really full of yourselves if you are setting standards to critically be deemed a certain label.

    Straight Edge is concerned about reputation.

    God frobid you ever get classifyed with a punk who does not use drugs!

    Reputation Obesession?
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    I personally would never want to be called a punk rocker who doesn't do drugs.

    What an insult to my real culture.

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