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Thread: Need a little help

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    Need a little help

    I'm working on a mix for a friend, for a birthday present. She loves techno music and I wanna make a mix with like, not the usual techno you would hear in a club. I need help finding kind of, creepy sounding styles. Kind of like what you hear in the Silent Hill and Saw movies. I have the songs from Silent Hill, a few, but I'm having trouble finding some from the Saw movies. Or any other techno that sounds like the sort. If you can give me any suggestions on where to find some stuff I can use, that would be AWESOME! Thanks guys =)


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    just search for 5f_55 (if you can find it), or anything from aphex twin would be good. if you still need help seeking out crazy electronic stuffs shoot me a PM and i can upload some stuff to bittorrent for ya.

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