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Thread: Do Drugs Before You're Edge?

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    Wow, so if you've smoked, drank, or "slept around" (in quotations because that phrase is subjective and can mean many different things) in the past, you're not allowed to STOP doing them? Isn't that against the whole ideology of edge? I mean, while I'm certainly not forcing others to assume my beliefs, part of the point of being so advocate about them is that it allows the ideas to spread and opens peoples minds to the possibility of an alternative. And before someone says that not drinking is always an alternative, I'm going to point out that until last year- when I learned about edge- I had no idea that I could make the choice not to drink. I hadn't done it yet, but it was so prevalent around me that the option of abstinence just never occurred to me until I found out about edge. And I'm not gonna deny anyone that just because they found out later than I did. I think that anyone who wants to adopt a drug-free lifestyle should be allowed- and encouraged- to do so.
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    It's not about doing drugs, it's about NOT doing them.

    The past matters little, it's the present that is to be focused on.

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    (Focused on so it will lean towards goals in the future, of course.)

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