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Thread: Workout music

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    Workout music

    I thought there was already a thread where people talked about this but I couldn't find it so here's a new one....

    for those who workout, what music do you listen to when you do? What helps you push that extra bit harder?

    I have two tapes which a friend did for me years ago, when I was first finding out about sXe and hardcore, that I use for working out to. The first one (my favourite of the two) has the following tracks on one side:

    Straightedge - Minor threat
    True 'til Death - Chain of Strength
    This Is Not A Trend - Trial
    Force A Change - Strife
    Still Straight - Manliftingbanner
    Elegy - Day of Suffering
    Cats and Dogs - Gorilla Biscuits
    More Hate Than Fear - One King Down
    Counter - Path of Resistance
    In My Heart - Veil
    Take Pride - Step Back
    Blind - Acme
    When The Smoke Clears - Abnegation
    Battlecries - Liar
    Man's Cry - Die My Will
    Not One Truth - Hatebreed
    Without Questioning - Nine
    Expectations - Youth of Today

    and on the other side is the Demons Run Amok album by Stampin' Ground. My second workout tape is a collection of MCD's and individual tracks from:

    Area Effect
    Turning Point
    No Escape
    Gorilla Biscuits
    Sum of All Fears
    Morning Again

    Both tapes get me really motivated and help my push harder.

    So anybody have a special selection of music for working out?
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    most of my hardcore stuff is on vinyl and i have a cd walkman...but no cd burner. so i have a pretty small collection of cd's that i use when i go run or lift weights.

    i listen to the misfits boxset sometimes.

    or i have some earth crisis i'll listen to, i'm not a huge earth crisis fan, but i can sure run to it.

    other times i'll listen to non-hardcore stuff, like wilco.

    i'm trying to find a way to get LP's onto MP3(without first burning them to cd), so i could have all my old hardcore on portable player.

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    all i know is at my gym, all they play is wbli which is fucking pop music, and r&b it is the least inspiring music to lift to!

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    in the gym where i go to AM radio is played, with all the popular shit. never heard a rock song.

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    thats what im saying, its like britney spears, justin timberlake, and pop crap like that. i have a discman thank god, but in between songs i am amazed that people actually get into it!!!

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    my god, side one is one hell of a tape, i own every album that those songs are on. lol.

    I go to the gym every now and again, but they just play mtv base. but i have a couple of 10kg hand weights and a chin up bar in my room, so most of the time i lift to something really agressive and angry like Carry On or Ten Yard fight, sometimes the metalcore works though, like one king down, every time i die, hulud, or converge.

    hot damn i love converge !
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    ive been listening to a lot of e town concrete lately

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    i listen to the temptations when im boxing. i dont like hardcore when i box cause it makes me angry and excited and not motown mellows me out when im hitting bags. when im skipping rope or running i listen to foreigner

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