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Thread: New Post-Hardcore/Screamo band to hit the scene

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    Exclamation New Post-Hardcore/Screamo band to hit the scene

    GiveMyRegards is an exciting new screamo/post-hardcore band hailing from the Rochester, NY area. Although the guys have been together for 6 months, a seemingly small amount of time, their years of experience in the scene shine through in the intricate beauty of their melodies and the in-your-face 'tude of their grungy licks. With such diverse backgrounds in music, each member brings his own exquisite nuance to the group, letting GiveMyRegards find its rightful niche in today's industry. Just recently releasing their EP, the members of GiveMyRegards have been hitting venues left and right, wowing audiences with their stage show and beautiful but aggressive music. The massive size of this group (six members) makes it possible for the guys to portray their musical stories with a sheer wall of sound. With all the different influences in GiveMyRegards, the music spans emo to screamo and post-hardcore as well as everything in between. GiveMyRegards "tells an intricate musical epic from start to stop with each passing song" (Doug White, Watchmen Studios). From the gorgeous lead vocals to the blood-curdling emotional screams, from the technical and melodic bass lines to the face-melting lead solos, and from the intricate effects to the ever-varying rhythms, GiveMyRegards is sure to keep you entertained.

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    You can check this group out on

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