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    hello i don't know if you're a real hardcore fan but i'm one of them so I want to show some that I listen everyday nd they are so good. Clic on this link ans you'll see that i'm not laughing

    it's a most precious blood link

    another most precious blood link but it's an e-card

    and now certanly the best hardcore band in the world clic on this link and you will be able to listen the best songs of this band
    and this one too

    clic on all the link you want but th e best choice you can make is to clic on each of them


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    Quote Originally Posted by I DIE FOR YOU
    another most precious blood link but it's an e-card
    an e-card? pretty fuckin hardcore...
    "We stand and fight. Back to back. We take no shit. We stay tight. We stick together and deal with it. We use our heads and not our fists unless we're pushed. As one, we fight and we win".

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