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Thread: 2018 movies

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    black panther is awesome. and i don't know, but the trailer was pretty cool.

    Saw Pacific Rim 2, you guys can skip that one
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    ready player one was eh. it looked good. but it was a wasted opportunity to cast someone with a disability for the female lead for the whole "but I love you for who you are thing"

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    I also expected more from Ready Player One. Had a bit of the same feeling when watching Bridge Of Spies a few years ago. Maybe I expect too much when Spielberg is involved.
    Three Billboards was good but the corniness during the scene with the deer only works when it is an actual deer and not computer animated. I think this is the best movie I've seen this year.
    The Darkest Hour was interesting, only problem is Winston Churchill had such a memorable face that no one can play that role.

    Tomb Raider sucked. Rampage sucked. 12 Strong was okay. Red Sparrow was below expectations.
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