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Thread: The Resistance Tour UK

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    The Resistance Tour UK

    SICK OF IT ALL, 7 SECONDS, THE BONES, SLAPSHOT, WALLS OF JERICHO, UNEARTH and RAMALLAH will be teaming up for the 2004 edition of the Eastpak Resistance European tour, set to kick off November 5 in Geneva, Switzerland. UK dates are as follows:

    Nov. 24 - NBA Sheffield, UK
    Nov. 25 - Studio 24 - Edinburgh, UK
    Nov. 26 - Astoria - London, UK
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    this should also be called the hasbeens of hardcore tour.

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    i went to an eastpack resitance tour before - it was horrible.
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    in hungary they will play without slapshot. I'm going, and i'm on the guestlist :). i'm gonna make an interview with 7seconds.

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