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  1. Turnover debut 7" + Tour Dates (Fans of Title Fight + Transit)

    Broken Rim Records is pleased to announce our newest addition to the roster: Turnover. Turnover is a fast and to the point punk band based out of...
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    Pressing Info posted! Pre-orders go live in 5...

    Pressing Info posted! Pre-orders go live in 5 day!

    There will be 75 records with alternate silk screened covers. 50 of them will be sold at the record release show on 4/13. The other 25 will be...
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    I Call Fives/Rust Belt Lights Split 7" Images/ICF-RBLVinylADWEBSITE.jpg

    Pressing info:
    20 - Test Presses
    75 - Silk Screen Covers
    125 - Black
    400 - Half Green / Half Black
    400 - Half Tan / Half Clear
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    Anyone on here listen to ska?

    SKA IS DEAD 7" of the Month Club
    When I was younger I used to love listening to ska bands. With summer approaching, and my nostalgic records spinning, I couldn't be more stoked for this 7" club.
  5. Rust Belt Lights Melodic Hardcore Ex Daggermouth

    Hey guys. I'm new to this board. Just trying to promote my friend's band.

    Rust Belt Lights. It's a melodic hardcore band from Buffalo, NY. They put out an EP a few months back called Long Gone,...
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