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  1. Pushing On Winter Tour w/ Punchout & Vicegrip

    12.20.09 Richmond, VA - Strange Matter w/ Swamp Thing, Fraud, Dry Spell, Heavyweights
    12.21.09 Mooresville, NC - Hartbeat Gallery w/ Vicegrip, Punchout ...
  2. Taking pre-order for crooked ways "crimes of passion"

    That's right, folks! We should start shipping out these bad boys in 2-3 weeks so EVERYBODY should pony up their mama money and buy the latest from Crooked Ways.

    Titled "Crimes Of Passion" which...
  3. Hardcore from Virginia Beach, VA

    Hey y'all,

    just dropping a note for anyone that might be interested in youth crew style hardcore from Pushing On "Banned In VB" from Virginia Beach, VA. If you like No Warning, Floorpunch, &...
  4. Pre-Order for Shirts, Stonethrower (members of Iron Boots, Victim) & more

    Yeah, should have them in a few weeks.

    It's pretty much a huge logo on the front of the shirt.


    Other news:

    Stoked to be releasing the new...
  5. $1 cd to help a local animal shelter

    We at Last Anthem decided to donate 100% of the profit earned from our Counterintelligence Recordings catalog to the Norfolk Animal Care Center. For those who are unfamiliar to the NACC, they are...
  6. Last Anthem Records - Check it out!

    Ain't gonna waste a whole lot of your time but check out some of our bands.

    Pushing On - for fans of No Justice, Carry On, & Desperate Measure - just release a S/T 7" AND a limited edition...
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