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You then probably start to drowse a bit, just because of the simple pleasure of the massage itself.
Isn't it a wonderful and pleasant feeling? Allow yourself to imagine a
scene of having a soothing massage on your whole body. The
gentle, flowing strokes of your therapist's hands calm and relieve
the tension of your muscles.

Whether it is actually an aura, with its quasi-religious overtones or 'only' electricity' is,
hotly debated. Some recent scientific research however confirms a generalised electromagnetic current around our body and that all tissue
and each individual organ, such as the Heart and the Brain also generates an individual impulse.
Once they're 'clogged' we become sluggish, under-performing.
Is there a link between this comparatively
recent research and the Tantric belief in the Chakra system - spinning wheels of energy, spiralling throughout our body, where
the various aspects and levels of our 'being' are merged?

When these energy centres function properly, Tantrics believe, so
do we. Many believe that one manifestation of the 'Life Energy' is the
Aura. As with the Meridians, however, factors such
as lifestyle, conditioning, guilt, diet, prevent them from fully functioning.

Although Tantric massage does not involve actual penetrative sex, it does involve
full on touching of the organs. For this reason you
will not find it offered down your local health centre.
You are far more likely to find it on offer in the many massage parlours in London and other major cities.

Tantric massage awakens the hidden mystic energy and brings your body and spirit in complete harmony with the
universe. You must always keep in mind that this kind
of massage is not meant to relieve the stresses and strains that our
bodies have been subjected to, to work the muscles,
or to focus on our physical well being.

Massage each outer lip slowly between thumb and forefinger, sliding up and down the entire length of the lip.

Pour a small amount of oil on to the mound of the Yoni,
just enough so it drips down the outer lips. Try to look into their eyes during the massage
and ensure she can see what you are doing. Do the same for the inner lips
of the Yoni. Take your time and watch your lover relax. Only ask your lover if
the pressure is too much or not enough.

I would suggest that this form of massage should not be taken lightly.
A great deal of skill is required as well as an in-depth knowledge of
your inner energy before even contemplating conducting a Tantric massage.

Lifelong problem, pattern or situation can resolve or disappear after such experience.
Happier, more fulfilling ways of living are opening before amazed gaze of more
whole, joyful and loving individual. Numerous are reports of
people being totally renewed, restored and revitalised, enjoying multiple gifts of Spirit in a radically new,
better reality. And these glorious states bring about healing at all levels.

Tantric massage makes use of light, sensual and slow strokes that can channel energy
and increase the body's sensitivity to a different reality.
You may wish to apply some medium pressure along the sides of
the spine in order to make your massage effective, but otherwise confine yourself to light pressure and to the movements inspired from
the way energy flows through the body and especially the classic movement upwards from
the base of the spine.

The Big Ben has stood erected there for the longest of
times. Once you understand the origin, let us proceed to
visiting the Big Ben in London. That is actually an analogy of why you should have
a tantric massage in London. It is a symbol of power and longevity,
a timeless vigor that constitutes greatness in someone's life.

A city of arts, commerce, education, and entertainment.
Some even provide tantric massage. Of course, the next question I would like to ask you then is: Do you also know that the number of massage parlors
in London is growing considerably? The home of more than 7,556,900 people.
Yes, that bustling, capital city of England. Are you familiar with London?

Carrying on the theme of many of my articles, this is part of a mini series
on using the techniques of massage. This approach will always result in a far more enjoyable experience for both you and your partner.
It further emphasizes the importance and the benefits of taking care of our sexual health both physically
and spiritually.

Whilst continuing to massage his Lingam, you
can search for his sacred spot. Keep bringing him
close to orgasm and then back off. It is a small indentation about the size of a pea.

This is not a method of torture, it helps them to control their ejaculation and therefore achieve longer and more pleasurable orgasms.
This is located between his testicles and his anus. Applying pressure here will help him gain control
of his orgasms in future. If you massage here and gently increase
the pressure he may well feel uncomfortable at first. If he is nearing ejaculation you can apply
pressure here and this will increase the intensity of his orgasm.However,
I do suggest you give it a go bearing in mind the fantastic massage
you gave her Yoni last night. Traditionally the giver, some men may find it difficult to lay back and think of England whilst his lover goes
to work on his wand of light.

One of them is Shakti massages, young but promising company who not only offers Tantric
therapies, but also educates people about Tantric arts.

Several Tantric agencies had been opened in London in the
last years. Keen and eager spiritual seekers who spent years in learning
eastern approaches to sexuality proudly bring their knowledge
to the guests and residents of British capital. Being
the heart of many revolutionary beginnings in culture
and society, now London is pioneering in bringing Tantric
philosophy and practice to the general public.

Explain that although there will not be any penetrative sex this evening you will take them to previously unknown heights of sexual
satisfaction. Now banish all thoughts of kneading your lover all over until she or he begs for mercy.
Choose some gentle music (whale music is optional).
Choose your lubricant wisely; chocolate body sauce has no place here.
It's not that kind of massage. Make your lover lie on his or her back, legs apart and a cushion under the hips to
raise up the Yoni/Lingam area and a cushion under the head so they can look at their genitals.
It may help to convince them if you do not print off this article and place it next to them
on the bed.

It is very likely that this person will improve performance even during subsequent episodes of
routine sex. The principle of Tantra is overall development.
When the inner latent energies of the body are released through the Tantric massage, the person's libido undergoes a
dramatic increase.

Nowadays, it is easy to find Tantric Massage in London, it has found
it's place and acceptance since more and more stressed international, local executives, stressed celebrities
and couples are discovering and seeking respite from the norm of heavy work schedules, time scales to meet etc.

Enjoyed by both sexes men and women, Tantric massage is used as a means of reconnecting,
experimenting, emerging totally relaxed and in a happier and content state of mind.

Tantrics believe that to grow as complete beings, blockages
need clearing from both our physical and psychic systems.
Controversial - but nevertheless, most major religions, do believe that we
are more than our physical body. Most people accept the idea of physical systems.
We all know we have a Liver, Heart, and Stomach for
example - but psychic systems?

And the benefits of Tantric massage do not end
here. This massage technique can be the pathway to ineffable spiritual bliss, the doorway to the Numinous,
allowing you to break through the limitations of
space and time to the sweet embrace of Ultimate unity and love of the Universe.

Tantric concept perfectly fits modern western life, allowing you to
enjoy its pleasures while developing spiritually. We welcome you to
the fascinating journey of love, sensuality, self discovery and grace.

Through our excellent resources containing the very best in video, written and interactive sexual advice, such as our 10 Point Sex Plan, we have already ensured that bedroom
blunders are a thing of the past for a number of very grateful men and their partners.

Tantrics believe that a powerful spirit energy, lives in our Base Chakra, situated between our legs.
If dormant, our knowledge is limited; aroused it allows
the natural spiritual growth we should be experiencing.
Once released, it rises through our system.

It might help increase the sexuality by increasing sexual energy but the
aim of this massage is not to offer sexual gratification. And hence this
massage was considered as a sexual massage done to gratify
the sexuality and offer complete satisfaction. People always associate tantra
with sex. But slowly this form of massage has gained popularity people now
understand it as a massage to increase the sensuality and make them more open to
touch and the feeling associated with it.

The massage itself involves every part of the body, although I guess
the Yoni/Lingam area will receive more than its fair share
of attention. The massaging of the body is to help prepare the
receiver for the attention you will be paying their genitals.

The Tantric massage has existed for more than five thousand years and although it is a newer phenomenon to the
Western countries, it is definitely gaining popularity.

Its benefits are proven and numerous and apart from
complete relaxation, stress relief, and blissful feeling, can be used between partners as
well as part of their intimate life.

His Lingam must be completely exposed. Begin as before by gently
massaging all over his body, avoiding this area for a while.
Next massage the area on the pubic bone above the Lingam.
Massage the area between his testicles and his anus (perineum).
Put a pillow under his hips and spread his legs with his knees bent.

Pour a small amount of oil over his shaft and testicles and
begin gently massaging his testicles. This allows him to become
completely relaxed and prepared for the touching of the Lingam.
Do this for some time, then change to grasping the Lingam
at the top, slide down the shaft and remove your hand, replace with the left
and repeat this process. Don't worry if the Lingam goes soft, it will shortly perk up again. Get your man to lay back on the bed with a
pillow under his head to enable him to see what you are doing.
Moving on to the Lingam, gently grasp the base with your right hand and move
up the shaft and then remove your hand, repeat with the left hand.

The head of the Lingam is very sensitive
and deserves special attention. Massage it in a circular motion. Likewise if
your partner seems to be on the brink of orgasm, back off and encourage deep breathing.As with other forms of massage, Tantric massage has
its own unique benefits. Before we discuss this type of
massage in more detail, we need to understand that Tantric massage is unique and a very
special kind of massage. What particularly appeals to me is how this focuses
more on our feelings and spiritual well being rather than our physical

According to most authors, the Tantrism has been around for more than 5000 years and it incorporates a number
of religious and spiritual traditions, which have been united around one single principle.
Even if you do not follow these principles or you do not have the
time to study the wonderful Tantric practices and beliefs, you can still benefit enormously from a healing tantric massage!

This does not aim to bring sexual gratification, although if an orgasm is achieved during a session, it is also welcomed and perfectly acceptable; however, the
main goal is to remove any hinders and blockages that prevent the person from enjoying being touched and receiving intimate pleasure.
The philosophy behind the Tantric massages is
to help the receiver get acquainted with her or his
own body, learn how to receive pleasure, and relax.
A healing tantric massage is a massage that unifies the spiritual with
the physical and can benefit the receiver in many
positive ways. Apart from the immediate benefit of improved blood
circulation and relaxation, the traditional massages typically do not achieve
anything beyond the pure physical. Unlike the traditional massage, the Tantric is far more intimate and sensual, and
includes massaging of areas that are a "no go" zone during the traditional sessions.
The Tantric massage is based on a different foundation and the sessions can include additional and more spiritual
elements such as body worship, Tantric rituals, breathing exercises, and bathing.

It is very difficult to explain these intense feelings even after one has experienced
it, since Tantric Massage and it's delivery is open to creative interpretation. It controls and extends mental and bodily pleasures with deliberate, expert human touch in such a erotic way.

Another distinguished feature of this kind of massage is the pleasure that
the giver should receive as well - since this is a very intimate form of touching, it is
typically, although not always, performed from one partner
to another, but numerous studios employ professionals that
are highly skilled and able to give excellent Tantric
massage as well. On a more practical level, the Tantric massage is a full body erotic massage that includes massaging the male and
female sexual organs as well, which are known as Yoni (the female sexual organ)
and Lingam (the male sexual organ). The touch is also
typically much gentler and lighter than touch, used in the traditional "deep tissue" massage and
the sensation is that of relaxation and connection with the giver.

However, as already mentioned the sexual gratification is
not the main goal of the sessions and is considered an added benefit.
It is important that the giver touches the receiver in a
way that is pleasurable to them as well as this would
help them properly channel the sexual energy and deliver greater satisfaction.

This might sound like an easy task, but many people have difficulties "letting go" entirely as they feel vulnerable
during the sessions; this state could be overcome by leaning some of the breathing
techniques that can help the receiver relax and fully enjoy the experience.
In order to get the full benefits of the Tantra massage,
the receiver also has to participate in a way
that they have to learn how to completely
trust the giver and loosen up completely. If the two people are not
partners, they could agree beforehand what is acceptable and comfortable for both
of them.

Tantric massage, when done correctly, helps balance the flow of energy, realign important energy centers and strengthen body's self-regulation system.

Not only will you feel revitalized (some use the word reborn), but you will also notice the numerous benefits of Tantric massage
unfolding with the time, especially if you use it regularly.
Proper flow of energy in the body ensures smooth flow of life,
positive emotions and sound health.

Provided by skilled masseuses and masseurs in your home or hotel suite who provide pleasure, warmth, fantasy
and melodious sensations, throughout the entire naked body, reaching and connecting mind to inner self in a bid to re-connect
and refresh, in the most enjoyable way imaginable.

Another important part of the Tantra massage is the rule that all and every part of the body can be touched
- the Yoni and the Lingam are not the only two parts that have to be massaged since sensual receptors are found all
over our bodies.

The healing tantric massage can come in many forms and
variations and some massage centers offer female on male,
female on female, and couples massages as well.
As far as the physical part of the massage goes, the
healing tantric massage differs from the Swedish (Western) massage by the intensit
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