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Love stories. True love poems. I love you poems. The planet over, people fall in love.
And also the globe more than, individuals feel the
require to put the feeling into words.

Occasionally the poems are romantic poems. At times they are passionate and urgent.
Sometimes they are gently erotic and attractive poems.

What does it do for us, to create and read sexy poetry, romantic poems,
desperate and aching and secret and despairing poems?

When we're in love, the feeling grips us. Sometimes all we can do
is consider whoever we love.

And when we're not in love, we could wish to get
back a taste of that feeling.

Maybe most of all, to provide a accurate love poem is to say, I love you.

To receive a this poem would be to get love.

Plus, poetry is known to get other people to fall
for us. Probably the most famous Chilean poet, Pablo Neruda, was deluged by
passionate letters from females he had in no way met - but his
love poetry got them to fall in love with him.

Occasionally they're English poems about love. At times they
are Hindi, Urdu, French.

Over and over, it isn't enough for us to feel it. We search for the words to say

"A loaf of bread, a jug of wine, and thou."

"How do I love thee? Let me count the techniques..."

One poem stopped me cold when I came across it.
It really is by John Donne, a famous British poet from a few centuries
ago. It starts one thing like, "Shut up and let me love..." Not very romantic at

Correct love poems both express the feeling and arouse our feelings.
For me, this poem by John Donne might his express his feelings.

It doesn't arouse mine!

Why, by the way, don't we just settle on what ever we find out are the greatest poems, essentially the most romantic poems?

There are as several ways of feeling love as there
are people. And also for any 1 particular person, it keeps changing.

There may be distant attraction, utter confusion, helpless falling in love, choosing to fall in love, straightforward content love,
affectionate loving, urgent intense sexual passion, tenderness.
And so we've got plain old I love you poems, but also sexy erotic love poetry, passionate poems
and on and on and on. Poems for him. Poems for her.

Poetry is like every thing else about us - we share so much with
other folks, and but we're unique.

How do I love thee? That poet counted the techniques.

Which is only the beginning.

Love poetry - feeling intensified, brought alive by words.
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