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    No friend invite on the book. >.>
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    yeah im loving the nice weather, being able to laze around in the sun is awesome, doesnt last long though cause it nearly always rains here lol :D
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    haha yeah scary spiders on my head are not the best idea ever, i wont be being that brave again for a while lol hows things going
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    interesting :)
  5. Well I believe I turned edge gradually. I used to smoke cigarettes and drink alcohol but somehow I've started realizing that was not what I wanted to do and I was mostly forced to drink and sometimes smoke by peer pressure. I guess I enjoyed smoking cigarettes, though. Anyway, my heavy smoking (almost 2 packs a day) took its toll and I got a grip on reality instantly - that was not doing me any good.

    I kind of entered a new phase of thinking and started realizing that I didn't want to live the life I was living. I was looking around and seeing my friends enjoying their lives but it was just not right for me. I felt different about it, I guess I was different.

    I also had started thinking more and more deeply about everything at some point. The more I was thinking the more I was forming my own believes about things like alcohol and drugs. Yeah, I said "my own" since I figured believes I used to have weren't really mine at all. They were someone else's. So, I built my own believes by honestly answering the question: "What do YOU want to do in and with your life?"

    I decided I didn't need alcohol at all even though it is part of our culture and many people may view me as weirdo because of me denying alcohol so radically. I also decided I didn't need cigarettes in my life although I enjoyed smoking. I never thought of trying drugs and I will never will. I have always had a firm belief about drugs so it was never an issue for me.

    Somehow along the way I started listening to hardcore music, mainly metal influenced. I used to strongly dislike punk. Any punk music. Pop-punk, punk rock, pure punk whatever. I simply didn't like it. But somehow I've started appreciating it (now I'm a huge fan of punk and music genres evolved out of it). I discovered a few bands like Madball, No Innocent Victim, etc. got into them.

    I also discovered on the Internet there was a movement in Moscow, Russia called straight edge. I got interested since it seemed it was all about hardcore and as I figured later about living a drug free life.

    I was like okay seems like this is the kind of life *I* would really love to live.

    I was given a warning by a friend that knew a bit more about straight edge than me then that once you got into it you most likely would never get out and that I should be careful. He made it sound like straight edge was a sect or something. He gave it a real bad connotation. I took his warning into consideration and decided to explore this sub-culture on my own and make my own conclusions anyway.

    I'm glad I did.

    I discovered the whole new world of like-minded people with great ideas in their heads and great attitudes. I discovered great music with meaningful lyrics. I discovered hardcore dancing, the only dancing I enjoy dancing (I'm not your typical dancing loving guy haha but I love to hardcore dance).

    I feel like I found my place. That's what I am about. Like the rest of straight edge people I guess.

    I guess I just made up my mind at a certain point in my life about things like drugs and alcohol and the choice to adopt straight edge lifestyle came naturally and made perfect sense.

    Although, I gradually formed my believes of abstinence from drugs I clearly remember the day I made a decision once I woke up one morning that I was starting a new life.

    It felt just right to dare to be THAT different.
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    it can't be boring, you're sxe. how did you become edge ? :)
  7. haha why do you think they gonna be shocking lol?

    I'm a pretty much ordinary guy, no shocking stories really. I went to school like others did, did the stuff others did then I spent five years in the University studying English and now I work for a small ISP company. Boring eh?
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    everything from high school 'till now, give me some shocking stories of you ;p
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    hey, i wanna talk about your biography !
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    hey thanks for the photo comments :D Yeah im scared of spiders but i tried to be brave lol and yeah i was smiling under the bandanna lol :)
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