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  1. well im 14, not quite in colledge yet haha. i really wish i could draw/paint, even my handwriting is awfull
  2. thats awesome, musician :D im inot writing, painting, movie wathing and just hanging out really :]

    i go to UCSC or University of California Santa Cruz hahaah thats a long title.what about you? what year are u and whats your major?
  3. drums, bass, a tiny bit of guitar, and a few other instruments. skateboarding can be fun too. yourself? what college do you go to. i probably spelt that wrong didnt i?
  4. i understand, im a freshman in college so, i do a lot of school stuff :D

    so what do u like to do for fun?
  5. school, and more school, and after that school. prety much that for a while
  6. nm, what r u up to?
  7. well hello. whats goin on?
  8. hi :D
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