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  1. hey mr rodrigo, hows things. Feels like i havent spoken to you in ages, ive not been online that much lately meh!! speak soon x
  2. Hey no problem, ill show them about :D
  3. oh, cool!
    dont forget to tell your hardcore friends about the comic!
    and thanks for the comments, i love getting feedback!
  4. I totally love them all but my faves are

    "No circle pits in heaven"(LOL)

    "count me out" (my fave)

    "jerseys best dancers" (Made laugh so much, second fave)

    "crassy" (i hate people like that)

    "group sex" (i love the way the other guy just
    slowly disappears out of the frame *chuckle)

    ive added you to myspace too :D x
  5. thank you, thanks a lot, its always good to get some feedback... wich one you liked the most? or the less?
  6. Love the comics Rodrigo :D
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