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  1. yo i looked u up and i couldn't find u...Try finding me my e-mail is
  2. aight bro......"cheeseyweezey" lol
  3. add me yo
  4. try to save a thousand.
    thats what i would do man
  5. i hope so
  6. are you planning on staying?
  7. three hundred
  8. Aw man I would love to have a roomy,
    but I have a tiny tiny apartment that I share with my parents and two lil brothers that stay in my room
    It would't be the best idea ya feel me.

    How much do you have saved up?
  9. do u mind if i stay wif u when i come to L.A.?
  10. hahahahahha dayem that must suck!!!
    yup yup im in LA!
    but man seriously im really bored over here...
    what could be better?
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