View Full Version : Bored.. Got nothing to do?? Browsing web boards?

12-01-2010, 02:28 PM
Hey so if your bored just browsing web boards killing your boredem..why not take a few mins and check out some of the bands we have worked with!

Right now at our Band Camp (http://stateofmindrecordings.bandcamp.com/) WE are offering a FREE FULL STREAM OF EVERY RECORD WE EVER PUT OUT!! So head on over to our Band Camp (http://stateofmindrecordings.bandcamp.com/) and check it out. If you wish you can buy them digital right from the Band Camp (http://stateofmindrecordings.bandcamp.com/) player..

If you wish to buy a psychical copy head on over to our E-store (http://www.stateofmindrecordings.com/zencart) and check it out!!! Our E-store (http://www.stateofmindrecordings.com/zencart) now has over 700 items from CD's, 7ins, LPs, t-shirts etc..

Bands if you have psychical copies of your demo and would like us to help get them out to people drop us a line!!

Thanks for your support