View Full Version : My First Failure S/T LP Shipping Now PICS INSIDE

07-21-2010, 03:14 PM
*These are shipping now. Due to a problem with the plant, we now have 200 records on clear with brown and black splatter. 50 of which have the screened tour cover (originally meant to be 250 on half and half split)*

We are really happy with how these are turned out. The screened covers look great, as do the vinyl.

My First Failure are a female fronted Hardcore Punk band from Germany.

Brain Ache Records and Dog Knights Productions are teaming up for the first time (and not the last) to release the debut S/T album onto vinyl.

Buy your copies here: http://www.brainachexdogknights.bigcartel.com

Pressing info:
Black vinyl /50 PRE-ORDER with silk-screened outer covers
Half cream and half black split /50 EURO TOUR with screened outer covers.
Clear with brown and black splatter /150



We do not have many Pre-Order versions left, and only a couple of 3-packs for people not able to catch them on their upcoming Euro Tour.
We are also offering discounts on these packs, and the fairest possible postage costs.
You will not be ripped off by us.

To view the screen-printed cover, view the very limited 3-pack item.

For more info on Brain Ache and Dog Knights, visit:

Cheers, everyone.