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05-12-2010, 04:58 PM
How old are you?
19, 4 years edge

Where are you from?
Northern NY, also known as a bunch of small towns where cows outnumber people, around 30 miles from Canada.

List some bands you are into at the moment.
H2O, xAFBx, Earth Crisis, One x Choice, Close Your Eyes, just came out of a very eccentric phase though.

What is the last record you bought?
Congregation of the Damned - Atreyu, unless we're talking about Vinyl, then that would be Between the Buried and Me - Alaska

Choose either pile ons and sing alongs or spin kicks and two-step?
Pile ons and Sing Alongs, after all, nothing brings a community together better then a good sing along.

What four sxe hxc bands, past or present, would you like to see play a show together?
Well, shit, how about xAFBx, H2O, Earth Crisis, and a rapper named Rick Whispers from Albany, NY

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Welcome to the board.