View Full Version : risk of 'Facebook flirts'

12-02-2009, 05:30 AM

This is particularly interests me since I've come to hate the fact that so many people tend to express their feelings through the electronic mediums: be it e-mail, SMS, social-networking web-sites, etc. This is something I used to do myself until I realized it actually did more bad than good. What I'm saying is that I meet a girl, I can clearly see she enjoys my company, much like I do enjoy hers, but she just can't pick up the phone, call me and say: Hey, how is it going?. Same for friends of both sexes, they tend to be very open and signal they're interest in me as a person via electronic medium but not on the phone, and even more rarely in person unless I specifically make them feel so comfortable so they can give a hint. A hint. I guess you know what I'm talking about.

Without any statistical data to backup my statement I believe this is and has been an ever growing problem of modern age. It makes me sad, really.

You liked your doctor? Cool! That could happen, right? So, there should be no problem with that. Just let him/her know you like them and ask them to have a non-professional relationship with you... but not via a Facebook, really. At least call them on the phone. That's more personal and is the closest experience to real-life interaction.