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http://www.realicide.com - variations of radical DxIxY hardcore, based nomadically in the US.

LP + zine = $15 US / $20 World, postage-paid.
CD + zine = $10 US / $15 World, postage-paid.
LP + CD + zine = $20 US / $29 World, postage-paid.

"Resisting The Viral Self" is a rare circumstance of Realicide finally completing an extensive studio album of a highly collaborative nature. In contrast to the project's extensive output of live bootlegs and other very rough material, here is a very defined and focused collective energy from artists across the US throughout late 2007 until early 2009. This body of work includes the lyrics and voices of Robert Inhuman and Jim Swill; the hardware and software electronic music of Vankmen, Ryan Faris (of Capital Hemorrhage), Evolve, and Steven Cano (tik///tik); additional sampling by Simon Severe; and mastered by Mavis Concave. Sonically, "Resisting The Viral Self" ranges from Realicide's established style of very abrasive gabber punk, inspired by certain sects of harsh noise and classic digital hardcore, yet venturing into other means at times, such as dark ambient soundscapes facilitating spoken tracks and delicate sound collages. Lyrically, the album claims allegiance most strongly to the roots of Anarcho-punk and other combative, yet ultimately constructive, efforts in promoting a lifestyle based in equality and the courage to experiment regardless of social pressures (especially against these social pressures). The 12" vinyl holds the essentials of the album, at 17 minutes each side, but the CD format has allowed the material to be doubled, at 48 tracks and filling the disc with as much raw hardcore and industrial mania as possible. Both versions of the album are available in full-color printed jackets, featuring artwork by Robert Inhuman, and are accompanied by an extensive zine. Though a modest stack of xeroxed text and drawings, this zine is completely supplemental to the music of "Resisting The Viral Self". In addition to all technical credits and lyrics, essays elaborating on the content of almost every track are presented, along with essays regarding the ethical philosophies and policies surrounding Realicide in every aspect of its operation. Vinyl stickers are also included with both CD and LP versions. For anyone who has an interest in Realicide and has waited through years of many less coherent bootleg releases, or anyone who has been increasingly hungry for a band that can very directly utilize electronic hardcore as a vehicle for radical and socio-political propaganda, this is an album that can give you what you've been hunting for - with a terrifying vehemence yet an unwavering message of compassion and self-sacrifice. FIGHT THIS HELL. REDEFINE HARDCORE. 29 March 2009, for Realicide Youth Records (1st Edition: 500 LP & 1,000 CD)


CONTACT / PAYPAL = robertinhuman@hotmail.com

$12 US / $18 World, postage-paid.

12” by RRR (Lowell, MA) – first Realicide vinyl record, a best-of collection 2004-07 speedcore gabber/grind and manic noise edits. 36 minutes of fast high-anxiety electronics-driven punk music. Hand-screened covers by Outfall Channel, 12 page xerox book, and a vinyl sticker. Editioned to 380, June 2007. Note: the title on this record reads “Ready” but it was intended to be “RRReady”, combining the reference to classic hardcore band Negative Approach, and classic harsh noise label RRR. This was the sole reason for the title, and it’s been regretted using a compromised spelling, losing our intentions and attempt at relevence. Also, this record is viewed by many as a Realicide “album”. It’s not meant to be seen this way. It is an anthology on vinyl. The format does not make it more valid or unique as music. It’s also not a DJ record, so any ideas that we were supposed to make something with a steady BPM and longer, more manageable tracks to spin at your hardcore party, is very confusing to us and only implies a complete lack of willingness to understand the root nature of the music on this record. It may not be practical, but it is our take on speedcore and manic cut-up noise.


Realicide / Capital Hemorrhage split 7”
$6 US / $8 World, postage-paid.

Originally created for Apop Records, when it was never pressed we decided this could be the first vinyl release properly handled by the Realicide label. Each band offers 2 tracks, one being a cover song of the other band. Realicide “The Audience Sucks” and “Army Beta Test” (C.H. cover), featuring merciless speedcore gabber by Vankmen and industrial rock programming by Mavis Concave, with voice and further editing by Robert Inhuman. Capital Hemorrhage “Man Of Steel” (Realicide cover w/ words by Jim Swill) and “Familiar Death”, a bleak and disjointed mix of hardcore and no-wave noiserock by the duo also known for Ultra//Vires, Hentai Lacerator, Often, and their DIY label Outfall Channel. Mastered Weasel Walter. Cover art by Ryan Faris of C.H. and inner sleeve artwork by Ben S. of Saint Louis’ Freezerburn Zine. This record clearly exemplifies 2 sorts of progressive hardcore associated with Realicide Youth Records, and will also serve as the precursor to the upcoming Realicide “Resisting The Viral Self” LP on this label, among other more concentrated releases by bands and artists that do not necessarily share an identical aesthetic, but more importantly find common ground in their ideologies and general methods of seeking dialogue with the world surrounding them... 500 copies, December 2008 by Realicide Youth Records & Outfall Channel www.outfallchannel.com


Realicide / Half Gorilla split 7”
$6 US / $8 World, postage-paid.

Realicide offers 2 studio tracks recorded later 2007 (Dead And Ground Flat On Cement + Head Perfect) featuring noisy hardware speedcore by Vankmen with the voices of Robert Inhuman and Jim Swill; topics of misanthropic compassion and the erosion of personal privacy via a double-edged sword called technology. Half Gorilla is an intense grindcore band from Milwaukee drawing equal influence from traditional hardcore punk and various offshoots of deviant metal, offering 4 songs (All Your Sores, Shit In The Well, Rabies Diet, Birth), from 2007 when Peter J. Woods was the bassist. This record brings together two drastically different aesthetic adaptations of hardcore, but in a situation in which they can coexist with mutual open-mindedness! Try it instead of default prejudices?! Edition of 500, August 2009.


Hentai Lacerator “Chelsea Charms R.I.P.” 7”
$7 US / $9 World, postage-paid.

Released by Austrian extreme music label Hirntrust Grind Media, “Chelsea Charms R.I.P.” offers a vinyl format for 6 of the sickest tracks from Hentai Lacerator’s 2007 studio album, “Sugarsplash!”, previously released via CDR by Realicide Youth and Outfall Channel. Fans of excruciating and bizarre fast hxc, punk-drenched grindcore, and manic brain-damaged noiserock can find a perverse comfort in Hentai Lacerator. Also, individuals who are interested in sexuality may be intrigued to know that the band’s lyrical content focused on scenarios involving Slimer (the green ghost) interacting and pining for various Hentai Prostitute girlfriends. So basically, you can try to rock out to Hentai Lacerator just for the sake of wild noisy hardcore music, but it is at times very difficult to turn a blind eye to its more overtly weird, fucked up, and arrosing qualities. Be warned!!! 7” record cut at 45rpm w/ full color covers, featured songs: A1 Killed By Cum, A2 Fatal Surge of Tits, A3 Sugarsplash!, B1 Stripped Nude In The Slimepit, B2 Blisshole, B3 Dazzle And Kill Them! Editioned to 300 copies, February 2009.


Evolve “once it was easy to give up everything you had & wander; before the streets were venomous: we walk”
$6 US / $8 World, postage-paid.

The third Evolve album, re-issued after its initial release on the Heresee label in late 2006. This is a beautifully warm and passionate album from Cincinnati Ohio; a collection of tape collage blending into spoken pieces, joined by primal hardware drum machine and synth patterns, humble urban hiphop elements with surreal freestyles by guests such as Jim Swill and Freak One. If you have interest in art and music that confronts the dark, edgy aspects of city life, the grit and anxiety, fears and personal conflicts, but still with an overwhelming feeling of awe and compassion, a love for both friends and passing strangers, the Evolve project is highly recommendable. If you are interested in music that’s purpose is to make you feel invulnerably hard and comic-book-like, you might want to skip this and stick with mainstream radio. Screenprinted disc, foldout lyrics xerox poster, and a color photograph. 200 copies, December 2008.


Split Horizon “Thunder In The Ground” CDR
$6 US / $8 World, postage-paid.

Detroit’s noisy politically-driven hardware sequencer / synth techno by Matt Schultz, accompanied by a series of short essays and an informative interview about the motives and general perspective of Split Horizon. Matt is a central figure in Detroit’s From The Gut collective, www.fromthegut.org which attempts to organize electronic music events and record releases that are both socially exciting and also intellectually critical of its own artistic output and the political environments in which it is being produced. For fans of things like Praxis / Datacide, the ideas of Split Horizon could be of substancial interest. Screenprinted disc, foldout essays / interview xerox. 100 copies, December 2008.


Realicide "CIDE TORRENT" data-DVDR, 4.3gb of over 1,800 files.
$15 US / $20 World, postage-paid.

We're living in an age, more and more it seems, in which all information is available if we're able to recognize and accept it. This is a data DVDR that contains around 99% of anything ever publicly available by Realicide, beginning with the project's conception in 2002 through the curation of this release in September 2008, totaling over 37 hours of audio, hundreds of flyers and posters and photos, notes, all organized into 67 folders... For anyone who has not already owned Realicide material, or for anyone looking for any earlier or more obscure previous releases, this disc contains almost everything that the public has ever had access to: tapes, vinyl records, CDR's, zines, "net releases", compilation tracks. And as the title suggests, it was painstakingly compiled in order to adhere to the recent surge of Torrent file-sharing online. You can make torrents of it, inject it into your Soulseek files, burn CD's, anything... As bonus material, included are many previous releases by Realicide-related artists such as Evolve, Mavis Concave, Ultra//Vires, aaronquinn, SX, Hentai Lacerator, Jim Swill, No Candy... The DVD case it's packaged in also contains 3 xerox posters and a sticker. Postage-paid US price is $15 because of the massive amount of information on the disc and the labor that went into compiling it, but since the idea behind this release is file-sharing, it is suggested that you get a few friends to throw in a couple dollars each, buy 1 copy, and share it. Any profit from this release will contribute to the next phase of Realicide Youth Records, which will offer new and increasingly focused material by Realicide members and artists of a similar ethic and motivation, including as much collaborative activity as possible with anyone who feels they can truthfully relate to our chosen path and purpose. Please email with any questions, or for distro rates. Edition: 150, October 2008.


REALICIDE DISTRO = http://www.geocities.com/realicide/1distro Lists many affiliated records and zines available for mailorder.

CONTACT / PAYPAL = robertinhuman@hotmail.com

MORE INFO = http://www.realicide.com