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12-16-2008, 01:21 PM
Okay i reccomand MMORPG (mass multiplayer online role playing game) games to everyone with friends =] but people who are isolated, dont try >< its not too good for people who ARE isolated, try stuff thats more quick. i reccomand shooting games (counterstrike, half life,) stradgy games (gunbound is good) but any games where stuff ends fast. Now if you are abit more sensitive, try stiff thats RPG, not online where you can enjoy the story of the game peacefully. i reccomand FF7~9, FF7 and 8 has great story to follow with, also FF7 has a sequel story called "Final fantasy 7, advent children" or something. Animes work too, and when you are talking about anime, AMV is a MUST try xD. i dont listen to punk or heavey metal. i listen to more ear-friendly musics. rocks, hiphop, soundtracks. and they go well with animes i watch xD OHH! also writing ur life away is also great =] (writing a story about ur life, NOT BIOGRAPHY!!!)