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10-10-2008, 08:50 PM
TOETAG & SHATTERED REALM set for split EP on December 9, 2008

South Florida’s TOETAG and New Jersey’s SHATTERED REALM team up for the ultimate hardcore throwdown on a split EP to be released on December 9, 2008 through Eulogy Recordings.

“I’ve been close friends with Shattered Realm for a number of years now. Everyone involved thought it was a perfect chance to introduce Toetag to the world as well as let people hear the new material from Shattered Realm.” says John Wylie, Toetag.

Toetag Bio:
TOETAG was formed in the spring of 2008 in West Palm Beach, FL. The group features John "J-Dub" Wylie (Eulogy owner and ex member of Until The End and Morning Again) along with Powder, TJ "Weegie" Jennings, and David "D-Lux" Atkinson. Straight forward, angry, heavy hardcore from South Florida. Fans of all types of heavy music will enjoy TOETAG.

Shattered Realm Bio:
Shattered Realm has been through hell and back over the course of this decade. With more lineup changes and broken down vans then a news listing on LambGoat they’ve persevered through it all and have risen to one of the most notorious bands of this generation. Stemming from their own roots in the 90’s infamous Asbury Park, NJ hardcore scene they’ve made claim to an image and ideology that has pushed them through the pack of three chord open riff mosh metal core bands and placed them in a prestigious place amongst the last of a dying breed of real hardcore bands that have survived the streets and never taken shit from anyone, anywhere. Known not only for gang affiliations, they’ve toured relentlessly throughout North America and have completed multiple marathon European excursions. They are no stranger to the hardships of touring and the sacrifice necessary to reach the kids and keep their band out on the road.
It’s always been their life experiences in and out of hardcore that show up as a constant reminder of the blessings and the curses that life holds for each of us. As time moves on “the Realm” finds them writing their most mature material to date, allowing their metallic influences as well as adding some new light and deep introspective, aggressive lyrics to the mix. 2009 will see Shattered Realm build off the name they’ve carved out of stone with their own blood, sweat and tears and they will continue to shine amongst their peers.

Toetag: www.myspace.com/toetag561
Shattered Realm: www.myspace.com/shatteredrealmfsu