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06-24-2008, 02:01 PM

You can now pre-order the new BLACK HAVEN 7” called ‘LAZARUS’. The 7” containes brand new songs and is ready just in time for their tour with CONVERGE, INTEGRITY and COLISEUM. This 7” is the follow to the very succesful debut 7”/ep ‘THE CLEANSING STORM’ and a preview to the album in the making.

Pre-orders get LIMITED CLEAR VINYL, only available through pre-order.

Check out the title track of ‘LAZARUS’ here: www.holyshitindustries.com (http://www.holyshitindustries.com)


Pre-order 7”s cost 4 euros each.

You can also order the previous BLACK HAVEN 7” ‘THE CLEANSING STORM’ with your pre-order of ‘LAZARUS’ for only 2 euros extra.

Postage costs up to four 7”s: Belgium = 2 euro, Europe = 5 euro, World = 6 euro
Postage costs over four 7”s: Belgium = 4 euro, Europe = 9 euro, World = 12 euro

Depending on the amount you order, a small Paypal charge will be added. Just send your order and info to the address below and we will send you a calculation of the total amount.

To ORDER send an e-mail to Jonas@Holyshitindustries.com

Please mention:

- how many 7”s you want
- Your name and address
- Preferred method of payment (banktransfer or Paypal)

Yankees, Canadians and other people from that side of the ocean: please order through SURPRISE ATTACK RECORDS. WWW.SURPRISEATTACKRECORDS.COM (http://www.surpriseattackrecords.com).

www.myspace.com/holyshittrash (http://www.myspace.com/holyshittrash)
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06-27-2008, 03:59 AM
Black Haven summer 2008 tourdates

July 12th 2008 – w/ Integrity (US) en Coliseum (US) @ Club de B, Torhout, Belgium
July 19th 2008 – w/ Converge (US), Integrity (US), Coliseum (US) @ Skate park, Messancy, Belgium
July 20th 2008 – w/ Converge (US), Integrity (US), Coliseum (US) @ Exhaus, Trier, Germany
July 21st 2008 – w/ Converge (US), Integrity (US), Coliseum (US) @ Trabendo, Paris, France
July 22nd 2008 – w/ Converge (US), Integrity (US), Coliseum (US) @ Le Ferailleur, Nantes, France
July 23rd 2008 – w/ Converge (US), Integrity (US), Coliseum (US) @ Le Korigan, Luynes/Marseille, France
July 24th 2008 – w/ Converge (US), Integrity (US), Coliseum (US) @ L’Usine (Kab), Genčve, Switzerland
July 25th 2008 – w/ Death By Stereo (US) @ cso Rivolta, Venice, Italy
July 26th 2008 – @ Juze Treff, Heidenheim, Belgium
July 31th 2008 – w/ Ritual (Dui.) @ Den Eglantier, Berchem, Belgium