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Danger Mike
09-21-2007, 10:50 AM
This week's guest DJs on DISSONANCE Radio CPR, Washington DC were Ken Olden and Mike DC of DAMNATION A.D.

Ken and Mike were joined by new drummer Smitty and Emilee and Lloyd of Australia's Ultimatum and England's Meatlocker. Topics included playing in the dark, signing with Victory, Mike getting maced at Worlds Collide's last show, the Nazi riot show in Pottstown, PA, and Ken's connection to WWE wrestling champion Lita. The playlist featured a crucial cut by the legendary SXE hip hop duo Fort Knox.

Download and listen here:


Guest DJs: Ken Olden (Worlds Collide, Battery, Better Than a Thousand, When Tigers Fight, Damnation A.D., Fort Knox), Mike McTernan (When Tigers Fight, Damnation A.D.), Smitty (Damnation A.D.), Emillie Reade and Lloyd Denovan (Ultimatum, Meatlocker) |

Damnation A.D. - Jigsaw Reprise / In This Life or the Next |
When Tigers Fight - After All This Time |
Give Up the Ghost - We Killed It |
Every Time I Die - Romeo A-Go-Go |
Refused - Hook, Line and Sinker |
Worlds Collide - Effect of the Age |
Battery - These Are the Days |
Dead Kennedys - Winnebago Warrior |
Sage Francis - Hell of a Year |
Fort Knox - Friends Don't Let Friends Fuck with Fort Knox / I Keep My Friends Close (But My Enemies Closer) |
Alkaline Trio - Jaked on Green Beers |
Joshua English - Art Trouble |
Meatlocker - Down T'Nowt |
Mindsnare - Bulldozed |
Damnation A.D. - The Hanged Man / If You Could Remember |