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08-07-2007, 09:29 AM
Heavy, NYC styled Hardcore, for fans of Terror, Death Threat, Madball & Sheer Terror.
new from Filled With Hate Records, 7 euro !

plus restocks of :
FURY OF FIVE 'Jersey Style' CD
KING OF CLUBZ 'the end' CD
EMBRACED BY HATRED 'Real Recognize Real' CD
SIX FT DITCH 'Voices From an Evil God' CD
IN BLOOD WE TRUST 'Curb Games Revisited' CD

also new this week :
HEARTS ALIVE 'The tragedy in Us' CD
INSTIL 'Stalking Death' CD
DEAL WITH IT 'World Coming Down' CD

and restocks of :
MORDA 'My Will Supreme' LP / CD
THE MAPLE ROOM 'A Glimpse of the Inside' CD
NO TURNING BACK 'Revenge is a Right' LP
NO TURNING BACK 'Damage Done' LP+7"
YOUR GOD IS DEAD 'Sweet Blasphemy' CD (ex-Liar)
NO RECESS 'Time Will Tell' CD
BULLDOZE 'The Final Beatdown' CD+DVD
BOXCUTTER 'Pitbull Ways' CD

Plus OUR CHEAPOS >> only 4 Euro per LP or CD :

Hundreds of awesome LP's and CD's at 4 each,

TEMPORARY OFFER - check it out :

extra titles added July 27th :

Deformity - Murder within Sin
Scars of Tomorrow - Design your Fate
Jeff Cunningham (Gameface) - The poems stuck in my teeth
Anger Regiment - Aces and Eights (3 members of Floorpunch !)
Send More Paramedics - The Hallowed and the Heathen
Cherem - In the land of the dead
Oubliette - Cries of the peaceful (ex-Blood For Blood)
Final Word - Fools like You
Still Crossed - Love and Betrayal
Plain White T's - Stop
Northstar - Is this thing loaded
The Distance - Your closest enemies
Kevin Devine - Make the clocks move
When tigers Fight - s/t
Grey Goose - til the medicine takes (ex-As Friends Rust)
Cold War - From Rusia with love
The Suicide File - Some mistakes you never stop paying for
Joshua - Singing to your subconcious
The National Anthems - Before the Storm
Jude the Obscure - The Coldest Winter
Crimson Falls - Ruins 2k5
Mindstab - Borderlined
No Knife - Riot for Romance
A day in Black and White/ Black Castle - split
Live by the Fist - No end in Sight
Solea - Even stranger

100 demons - In the eyes of the lord orig. cd
18 visions - vanity cd
18 visions - vanity picture disk lp
200 north / Esteem - split cd
25 ta life - live at few da real cd
A Jealousy Issue - somebody shoot me cd
(ex-Poison The Well - vocalist !)
A Jealousy Issue - if the flames don't kill us cd
A Prize Worth Killing - piece of me cd
Acceptance - black lines to battle fields cd

Across five aprils - living in the moment cd
Aftershock - through the looking glass cd
Aftershock - through the looking glass lp
Albert React - confluence and scrapes cd
Ana Divine - s/t cd
Anam Cara - s/t cd
Arms Bend Back - the waiting room cd
As Friends Rust - god hour cd
As Friends Rust - god hour 2x7"
Awkward Thought - ruin a good time cd

Beauty to Ashes - reproduce the common practice cd
Big Collapse - prototype cd
Blood Has Been Shed - spirals cd
Bombshell Rocks - love for the microphone cd
Both Worlds - memory rendered visible cd
Boys Night Out - make yourself sick cd
Bring It On - payback cd
Broken Promises - dying before the first step cd
Broken Promises - dying before the first step lp
Brothers Keeper - fantasy killer cd

Brothers Keeper - sweet revenge cd
Calico System - the duplicated memory cd
Cassandra - pay us suicide cd
Cataract - great days of vengeance cd
Chamberlain - the moon my saddle cd
Charge - universal tribe cd
Children of Fall - bonjour tristesse cd
Closer Than Kin - dead flowers for a dying lover cd
Colligere - incerto cd
Comin Correct - straight edge or not cd

Congress - stake through the heart lp
Congress - stake through the heart cd
Congress - resurrection lp
Congress - resurrection cd
Congress / Mindsnare split cd
Copeland - beneath medicine tree cd
Course of Action - carving our way cd
Crawlspace - Enter the Realm of Chaos lp
Crawlspace - Enter the Realm of Chaos cd
Day of Contempt - see through the lies cd

Dead and Buried - bloodless cd
Dead Man Walking - screaming past into a silent future cd
Death Before Disco / What Lies Within split cd on goodlife
Death on Wednesday - buying the lie cd
Deformity - misanthrope cd
Deviate - state of grace cd
Dillinger four - versus god cd
Discipline - downfall of the working man cd
Disgust - thrown into oblivion cd
Dogwood - this is not a new album cd

Endstand - hit and run cd
Endstand - burning bridges cd
Enlow - the desperate letters cd
Evergreen Terrace - at our worst cd
Every Time I Die - the burial plot bidding war cd
Face the Fact - romeo and juliet are not dead cd
Fallen Into Ashes - laments for lost victories cd
Falling Cycle - the conflict cd
Fear My Thoughts - the great collapse cd
Fear My Thoughts/FITPTTDS - split cd

for the living - bridges burned lp
for the living - bridges burned cd
for the living - worth holding onto lp
for the living - worth holding onto cd
forever and a day - the art of creation cd
forever and a day - where has the passion gone cd
foreknownin rememberance of me cd
fumbles in life - communication wins cd

further seems forever - hide nothing cd
glory of this - adoration cd
greyline - red carpet avenue cd
hamartia - to play the part cd
hate inc - life of pain cd
herod - for whom the gods would destroy cd
holden caulfield - can't stop now cd
indwelling - and my eyes shall weep cd
in passing - look alive cd

In-Quest - epileptic cd
inside conflict - spherical mirage cd
inside conflict - headless cd
integrity - to die for cd
integrity - from the womb to the tomb 1 cd
iron clad - lost in a dream lp
iron clad - lost in a dream cd
isle of man - breathe plastic cd
Jesus Wept - sick city cd

keepsake - she hums like a radio cd
kid gorgeous - this feeling gets old cd
kingpin - bad habbits die hard cd
lariat - means of production cd
lariat / at war with shadows - split cd
liar/sunrise - decontaminate (split)cd
life in your way - ignite and rebuild cd
life in your way - the sun rises and cd
light is the language - the void falls silent cd
looking forward - ahoi crewmembers cd

lost in rhone - beloved be the ones who sit down cd
mercury switch - time to shine cd
mercury switch - if you love me, you take me to cd
mindfield - below cd
Mindsnare / Congress - split cd
misery signals - of malice and the magnum heart cd
Monday in london - the red machine cd
naiad - hardcore emotion cd
narcissus - s/t cd
negate - enemy cd

negate - tragik circus cd
Neshamah - Rapture of the meek cd
nientara - consequence cd
nitro mega prayer - the reason of her smile cd
No redeeming social value - THC cd
noise ratchet - till we have faces cd
nora - dreamers and deadmen cd
odd project - the second hand stopped cd
oddysey - fighters cd
one fifth/evergreen terrace - split cd

open hand - the dream cd
overcome - more than death cd
panchrysia - malicious parasite cd
Phoenix - snow in august cd
please mr gravedigger - here's to the life of the party cd
pleurisy - dazed and deranged cd
poison the well - tear from the red cd
poison the well - tear from the red picture disk lp
project rocket - new years revolution cd
premonitions of war/benumb - split cd
pressure - anthem cd

proclamation - let the truth be told cd
purusam - the way of the dying race cd
racial abuse - what mirrors conceal cd
radiation 4 - wonderland cd
Ray cappo - Expanding your human potential cd
reply - a trail of tears cd
reveal - through the eye of perfection cd
scarlet - something to lust about cd

scarlet - cult classic cd
scarrots - piece of sunshine cd
shaped by faith - brightest lights cast the darkest shadows cd
shockwave - Dominicon cd
shortsight - cold wounds waking cd
silence after tragedy/the fenix - split cd
silence the epilogue - bloodstain pattern analyses cd
silent drive - rock h design cd

sky came falling - to forever embrace 10"

sky came falling - to forever embrace cd
sleeping by the riverside - a breath between battles cd
Slumlords/No Redeeming Social Value split cd
society's finest - love, murder and a tree letter word cd
Spearing jocasta - the cassandra complex cd
spirit 84 - off we went cd
spirit 84 - beyond the call of friendship cd
Spirit of youth - colors that bleed lp
Spirit of youth - colors that bleed cd
Spirit of youth / One king down - split lp

Spirit of youth / One king down - split cd
spread the disease - we bleed from many wounds cd
stand and fight - together we win cd
statecraft - to celebrate the forlorn seasons lp
statecraft - to celebrate the forlorn seasons cd
strateia - a treasure from ruin cd
suction - education as arson will set us free cd
suicide note - your not looking so good cd
sweatpant boners - cruisin with the masters cd
symphony in peril - the whore's trophy cd

symphony in peril - lost memories and faded pictures cd
target nevada - no, we don't want to play your shitty fest cd
target nevada - something nasty cd
the beautiful mistake - light a match for i deserve to burn cd
the beautiful mistake - s/t cd
the beautiful mistake - this is who you are cd
the caffiends - fission, fusion and things of concrete cd
the china white - the gun of the enemy cd
the deal - cut throat cd

the great deceiver - jet black art cd
the idoru - brand new way, brand new situation cd
the judas cradle - where child actors go to die cd
the kill pill - outside these city walls cd
the lost - hidden beneath the shadows of fear cd
the low end theory - self titled cd
the lyndsay diaries - the tops of trees are on fire cd
the program - artificial unintelligence cd
the rocket summer - calender days cd
the underwater - bleed me blue cd

the wage of sin - a mistaken belief in forever cd
thirty called arson - your only a rebel... cd
this runs through - until forever finds me cd
through the discipline - art of survival cd
tora tora torrance - get into it cd
tora tora torrance - a cinics nightmare cd
torn apart - ten songs for the bleeding hearts lp
torn apart - ten songs for the bleeding hearts cd
torn in two - soli deo gloria cd
trapped in life - 12 icons cd

trapped in life - s/t cd
trauma - solidarity cd
truth be known - stealing stones to build tomorrow cd
turmoil - from bleeding hands cd
twelve tribes - as feathers to flowers cd
twenty four hours to live - we're loudmouths cd
unconquered - the program cd
under siege/a traitor like judas - ten angry men cd
unroot - truth cd
until the end - let the world burn cd

V/A point break vol 1 cd
V/A Goodlife 1 -- the way it is cd
V/A Goodlife 4 -- lp
V/A Goodlife 4 -- cd
V/A America's Hardcore cd (horse the band, Wktd +2)
V/A California Hardcore lp
V/A California Hardcore cd
V/A Punk anderson 2CD (Misfits, Minor Threat, GG Allin,etc)
V/A Tribute to oi! Volume 2 cd

V/A Four scenes one family cd
V/A KDS crew (french HC comp) cd
velvet stab - where parallels meet cd
Veronica - Hope for a better future cd
vision - detonate cd
vitality - bloodline cd
Wake up cold - deliver me from evil 10"
Wake up cold - deliver me from evil cd
waking kills the dream - depending on tomorrow cd
waking kills the dream - standing in the shadows cd

what lies within / Death Before Disco split cd
wings of scarlet - before the great collapse cd
winter solstice - dwell beneath cd
winter solstice - the pulse is overrated cd
with all sincerity - the age where nothing fits cd
with dead hands rising - behind inquisition cd

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out now : C O N G R E S S 'The Legacy' CD - A S W E F I G H T 'Midnight Tornado' CD

DOOMSDAY 'No Angel Wings' CD - 100 DEMONS 'In The Eyes of The Lord' remastered CD

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