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07-06-2007, 10:37 AM
NEW FURY OF FIVE CD on Filled with Hate


Extensive 20-track alternative FURY OF FIVE Discography containing nothing but out of print compilation tracks, demos, alternative mixes (a rap- remix for 'Want It All'!!), never before released songs, a couple live tracks and more !

A Brutal onslaught of East Coast Metallic Hardcore, the finest in it's sort. Members went on to star in Boxcutter and One Man Army. Produced by Richie Krutch. Guest appearances by Anthony of E-town Concrete and Joe of Second to None !

Contains awesome live photos from their shows in Belgium and Germany. Live tracks recorded in Sweden on their tour with Integrity in 1997.

Another winner from Filled With Hate !


Punk/Hardcore/sXe/Vegan/Crust/Oi/NYHC/KBD collectibles


During last week's sales, we have started selling rare and collectible hardcore vinyl !

If you are interested, why not drop by and check it out...

If you have friends who are collectors, forward this email to them and let them know !

If you have a want list - EMAIL IT TO US, We'll hook you up !

The following link will take you to a site with a (partial) overview of some of the titles we're selling.


Our Secret Summer Sale Goes on !


We're going in our 3rd week of sales here @ the Goodlife Office, from tuesday to friday, every afternoon from 2-6. Come check it out, bring your friends !

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COMEBACK KID 'Broadcasting' shirt in M, L and XL.
COMEBACK KID 'Broadcasting' hoodie in S, M.
COMEBACK KID 'Eagle' shirt in L, XL.
COMEBACK KID 'Bear' shirt in girlie, L and XL.
COMEBACK KID 'Logo Skull' shirt in M, L and XL.
PARKWAY DRIVE 'Graveyard' shirt in S, L and XL.
PARKWAY DRIVE 'Girl's Skulls' shirt in girlie, S, M.
PARKWAY DRIVE zip up hoodie in size girlie !

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07-06-2007, 06:31 PM
I want:


Floorpunch New jersey crew 7" In my blood Black, #/300


Chain of strength What holds us apart 7" First strike Blue, 1263 made
Chain of strength What holds us apart 7" First strike Clear, 500 made


Judge New york crew 7" Schism Black, White labels

Sadly I don't want to give you all that money though, you are lucky I am not rich.