View Full Version : How do you like to play?

04-06-2006, 06:02 AM
Lately I've been going to this kari guys house everytime he has a party. Only because I know it's going to be full of guitar players. We always sit up in this pink room full of band posters just playing. The last time there me and this dan guy(amazing) had a somewhat guitar duel...one would just make up a rhythm and the other would solo to it. We ended up doing that for an hour or so. What makes me feel kind of sad though is that he was wasted and barely made a single mistake in anything he did. I wish we recorded the whole thing because we ended up making some crazy riffs...but he was to wasted and I'm to retarded to remember anything.

I never have to bring my own guitar or anything because people just leave their stuff there. Last time I got to play a gibson flying-v. The guys seem to have a lot of b.c riches and gibsons.

So how does everyone else here like to jam (I guess it would be) whatever instrument they play?