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Mad at the World
03-21-2006, 05:16 PM
Hello all.

Although we're gearing up for the release of the Misguided CD reissue, we had another one sneak in there beforehand. This one's not a reissue, but a scorching over-before-you-know-it 7" by Battletorn out of New York City. List in at www.myspace.com/battletorn for some samples include some 7" material. We're accepting pre-orders for this now www.matwrecords.com/catalog.html ; be quick and get some limited white wax. Release date on this one is April 14, but all we've got to do is fold the inserts:

MW0701 Battletorn- Burn Fast 7" (APRIL 14th release date)
Battletorn erupted onto the NYC music scene with a bash 'n crash hardcore sound and a take-no-prisoners attitude. Although they started as a guitar/ drums/ vocals 3 piece, and recently slimmed down to a two piece attack, they make the most of their minimalist line-up with a full on wall of noise sound. They've got a classic, ragged hardcore sound, Battletorn will bring their one-two punch of a live show anywhere-- hardcore shows, metal shows, rock shows, and even hipster-indie shows, leaving many an audience member with dropped jaws at the near riotous response they often get. This 7" follows up a recent LP on Troubleman Records.

If you don't want to get it from us, all your regular record peddlers should have them. And, if you're lucky and happen to live in the UK, you can catch these guys on tour:

april 7th SPALDING
april 8th EDINBURGH
april 9th MANCHESTER with threads
april 10th NOTTINGHAM with army of flying robots
april 11th BIRMINGHAM with Yank Teeth
april 12h BRISTOL with Boris on The Thekla (a boat!)
april 13th BRIGTON with wolf eyes and the bug
april 14th LONDON with rainy day fuck parade