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05-31-2005, 11:35 AM
"Everyone has been asking about the last show and we haven't been able to give an official word.

Until now...

Booking this show has been a lot of work, and a lot of thought has gone into it. First we needed to figure out a time that we'd all be free to do the show, where we'd do it, who'd play, and...you get the idea.

Here's what we've come up with: October 9th 2005 here in Seattle, WA. We'll be playing with our friends The Warriors, The Dead Unknown and This Time Tomorrow. There will be one other band, that band has not been decided, so please don't ask who the special guest is. The price has not been confirmed yet, details are being worked out with the club on how much this thing is going to cost to put on. Advance tickets will be available sometime in June. I'll make sure everyone has plenty of warning on the sale date.

Friends from Europe, if you'd like to come to the U.S. show, we'd be flattered. Before you call up the travel agency, we have decided to do a show in Europe too. Why? Here's the only reason - MONEY! That's right, money. Not for us, for you. A good friend of ours put it into perspective and explained that for him to get to Seattle for the show, it would cost him $700 for his flight, add to that a visa, transportation, lodging and food...and he's spending close to a grand to see us. Now this guy is a crazy guy and he would probably do it. Instead he says to us "come over, do one show. I can find 10 people here that would be more than willing to pay for you guys to fly here and do one show. It would be cheaper for us to have you fly here and play". We considered this and realized that a lot of our friends in Europe would never be able to afford spending 1K to come see us. This would make it so those who are not as affluent, would be able to see us. We haven't come up with a solid date for Europe yet, but we're looking at mid to late November.

Australia, Japan, South America, etc. Thank you for your kind offers, and we realize it may not be possible financially for you to make it to either Seattle or Europe, for that we apologize. If we could make it happen we would. The reality, there's just not enough time inbetween the things that we are doing individually that would make shows in your countries possible. Greg is very busy with his movie and juggling. Brian is a touring machine with 3 Inches Of Blood. Nick is progressing with Glimpse. And I'm approaching the touring machine status with Wait In Vain. Just trying to figure out a date for Seattle and Europe has been a huge task, planning for anywhere else in the world would make my head explode.

Thanks to everyone who has supported us over the years, and still today. We hope that anyone that wants to make it to these shows will be able to. See you in the Fall.


now it is sure that it will take place in hungary, budapest on the 19th of november during a 2 day festival. best news i've ever heard! this is not a hoax, it's from the guy who booked the show, so i trust this info to 100%