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11-21-2004, 05:06 AM
i just got this in my mail:

"This is kind of informal, since it's not up on the Think Fast! Records website, but I wanted to do something in which people could pick up some good CDs while, at the same time, doing something positive for others. In the past, TF! has had test pressing contests which helped raise money for The Jimmy Fund. Growing up as a Red Sox fan and the fact that Jim Rice is my favorite player of all time, I became aware of the Dana Farber Institute and the Jimmy Fund. If you don't know, they work with children who have cancer and conduct research to treat and find cures for cancer. Today I received a letter in the mail from The Jimmy Fund. It was basically to ask for donations "in honor" of the Red Sox World Series Championship, since they've been helping the Dana Farber Institute for 51 years. So, I figured that since the holidays are coming up and we don't always find the time or chance to give back, that TF! could offer something to raise more funds to donate to the Jimmy Fund.

Here's the plan:

- If you buy either the Miles Between Us - When It Counts - CD or the Police Beat - Time For Coffee - CD for: $5.00ppd in the US / $6.00ppd in Canada / or $7.00ppd World TF! will take 50% of the profits and donate it to The Jimmy Fund.
(note: If you want both CDs just double the cost and it will include postage)

- We will offer this opportunity from now until December 20th so that we can make the contribution before Xmas.

- You can either purchase these CDs through paypal or by mailorder.
(note: Please make out checks/money order to Larry M. Scott)

- If you choose to use paypal, just send the payment to ThinkFastRex@aol.com and put a note w/ the payment of which CD or CDs you want. You don't have to worry about going through our webstore. Plus, by doing it this way, you will save money on the Police Beat CD.

- If you have any questions, please contact us at ThinkFastRex@aol.com

This is a chance for you to hear one or two great CDs while doing something good for others. If you already have these CDs, you may want to pick one up for someone else for Xmas.


Think Fast! Records"