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06-23-2004, 10:50 AM
What up all! I have surfed this board for about a half year, always like what I read, never got around to posting.

Anyways, I have been researching and reading and trying to help out one of my fellow straight edge friends with some advice on taking cretin supplements and things to help him with his workouts.

A little background on me, I am 27, been straight edge since I was 14. I am what I like to call old school sXe, meaning I believe and stick to the original straight edge views and not the "poser" new school, ďit is ok to do this on every other odd Tuesday" ways. I work out and train about 5 days a week cause I travel around the country wrestling.

Now myself, I research anything dealing with supplements (i.e. proteins, creatines, androstines) and I base them on if they are natural and not in anyway manipulating your body in a drug type of affect.

My friend has been working out with me for about a year and a half and wants to take a version of androstine called 1ad and 4ad, it is a natural product that does help muscle growth and healing. It was taken off the market with several other supplements thanks to our government labeling them as a version of a steroid about a month ago. Now before you say, well there is your answer let me say this, they are trying to pass another bill stating protein and creatine are forms of steroids, and I have never trusted the government as to what is good or bad, as I am sure most of you donít either.

Ok, even thought this is declared illegal, my friend still has 2 bottles of the 1ad and 4 ad, and can easily still get them from some of our friends in Canada. Also an interesting fact with this which I learned from researching is that you can go to your doctors and still get these in either pill or injection and is considered legal. Me, I donít like anything that is injected into your body, no matter what it is, it very much rubs me the wrong way with my beliefs.

So please tell me what you advice you think I should give my friend with this, and please give reasons with, not just like it is ok or fuck you no way. Thanks to all!

06-23-2004, 11:09 AM
I think you have to take edge out of it. the question is what does he believe? Does tsking these things line up with what his possition is on drugs.

What is the difference between these and steriods, it's sounds to me like they are both designed to do pretty much the same thing. (I'm not talking side affects here, i'm taking what their purpose is)

Personaly I don't believe in these things or diet pills. but thats just me.

06-23-2004, 12:53 PM
I dont think "real" edges would like to take pills even though you have all this background on why you should.I dont think I would...
but THATS just me