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  1. caffeine
  2. feel free to reply to this kid too
  3. bloody ignorant people
  4. why people look at me funny at work when I say I don't drink caffiene
  5. straight edge in your face
  6. you know, I'm nothing if not consistant
  7. drug tests
  8. depressing way to start the day
  9. my rant on the front page
  10. I hope this is a trend that continues
  11. all I can say is wow. I'm shocked at this news
  12. "straight edge terrorists" ?!?!?
  13. oh the irony
  14. reuters is funny
  15. sXe Mottos
  16. you know what?
  17. shirts
  18. weed never killed anyone
  19. Worst thing in the world
  20. "tomorrow i'm going to be edge, but first....
  21. music does not make the straight edger
  22. at least you don't have to x up ever
  23. more emaiil fun
  24. 20/20 straightedge interview
  25. I've been thinking
  26. straight edge
  27. who started straight edge?
  28. i am going to fight each and everyone of you
  29. all sxe kids read this
  30. My first REAL test
  31. Thats fuked up
  32. Now this is pissing me off.
  33. missing brain
  34. aggravated
  35. Violence and the edge ?
  36. Militant
  37. I heart hate mail
  38. To the sXe kids
  39. Proud to be SXE
  40. Straight edge dating
  41. more bullshit news
  42. Fox News To Cover Sxe- Please Read
  43. kinda proud of myself
  44. Posers!
  45. crew broke edge? call the sXe police!
  46. attn kids
  47. I invented straight edge.
  48. thanks xsecx
  49. you give straightedge a bad name
  50. Lets all love each other
  51. so, i say
  52. Militancy
  53. what edge is.
  54. the most proficient edge site
  55. I'm in trouble! Ha. Help!
  56. thanks for the shit
  57. the kids
  58. anti edger...
  59. Have any of you smoked, tried drugs or ever drank alcohol
  60. School Straight Edge article
  61. sxe articles: do you know of any?
  62. Do you feel you are better then non-sXe people?
  63. Refreshing drinks - without caffiene!
  64. Broken Edge
  65. Wow...what people do for money..
  66. Intolerance
  67. ha ha
  68. Straight Edge; or not straight edge...
  69. drinking apparently gives you cancer
  70. The author of the sXe article brings you another!
  71. Fuck me, I love Straight Edge
  72. Straightedge Tattoos
  73. What should we do with "posers"?
  74. Newbie question
  75. Newbie Introduction
  76. sxe clothing
  77. sXe is a great feeling
  78. Fuck Edge
  79. i broke my edge :(
  80. I feel like I'm dying of marijuana.
  81. Get The Word Out!
  82. Just Got Here .
  83. This Site Sucks Sack Cheese!!!!
  84. clothing line
  85. The Label and what your doing about it!
  86. second hand smoke study
  87. thoughts on edge
  89. porno
  90. Haha.
  91. press
  92. Lose your life, $60 per milligram! (Rest In Peace, Noink)
  93. new book
  94. I get lots of funny email
  95. Am I the only one?
  96. it's official
  97. I am Angered by this...
  98. New way to think of it.
  99. Ray Cappo
  100. accidental drug deaths up
  101. new dangers of cannabis use
  102. Courage Crew??
  103. Video on Youtube
  104. Almost Fell Off The Edge
  105. Straightedge within families
  106. @almost fell off
  107. New Terms
  108. random edge thought of the day
  109. Emo Straight Edge?
  110. h
  111. Magic Mushrooms
  112. Beginner...
  113. "militant" edge bands
  114. Have you ever preached about sxe?
  115. oh yeah
  116. No offense, but...
  117. I'll see my way out...
  118. why I hope cm punk dies in the ring.
  119. Throwdown's Cigar
  120. I thought this shit was dead...(Nat Geo Documentary)
  121. Em... If you understand russian you may be interested i watching these .
  122. August 2 nd... My X's birthday
  123. so caffeine isn't a drug?
  124. moderation
  125. apparently weed gives you nut cancer
  126. Racist UK straight edge meet
  127. this is completely awesome
  128. i have a bad feeling about this
  129. ultimate all-star sxe band huh?
  130. buddys that break edge :(
  131. My foot smells like beer
  132. Straight Edge In Schools?
  133. Maturity
  134. Happy edge day!
  135. If you believe this then you believe that
  136. New Straight Edge News Story
  137. New convert
  138. this is kind of a bummer
  139. celebrity od's
  140. Those who Break Edge...
  141. new caffeine study
  142. I'm pretty stoked to watch this.
  143. drug tourism
  144. really good article about being a non drinking adult
  145. Sober living for the revolution
  146. Caffeine kills
  147. Wet house
  148. Misconception about Straight Edge and sex.
  149. Maybe its be that is being unreasonable...
  150. narco terrorism
  151. I hate boasters
  152. red wine
  153. Bud,Weed, Pot isn't bad for you?
  154. Stopping
  155. sXe rehab?
  156. Caffeine taking the place of tobacco?
  157. "Too young"
  158. parents leading by example
  159. An Important Message to All
  160. Why no one invites me to the afterparty
  161. 10 Songs About Living Straightedge
  162. Yay for local friends!
  163. I hate being around drunk people.
  164. Jack In The Box
  165. why opiods scare me
  166. time flies